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We Provide Innovative Aesthetic Solutions to Cosmetologists & Dermatologists.

About Cosmolaser

Cosmolaser is a leading brand with a comprehensive product range, covering medical aesthetic device, personal-use beauty device, cosmetics and Medical SPA, dedicated to provide cost-effective and high performance medical-aesthetic solutions based on cutting-edge technology and substantial clinical research to the worldwide.

Quality Assurance

Cosmolaser quality philosophy: Meet the international standards in terms of service, quality and consistency for providing world class products and services to meet our customers' requirements. The quality assurance system is maintained at all levels within the Company and throughout the entire life cycle of our products and services.


Laser Hair Reduction --> Coolite Pro, sPTF+

Scar Reduction --> Refine,Dermatrix,Rennas II

Vitiligo & Psoriasis --> EximalElite

Sliming & Tightening --> Omnislim,Dermatrix

Tatto Removal --> Q-Switch ND YAG

  • Coolite Pro
    Diode Laser
  • sPTF
    IPL (Intense Pulse Light)
  • Dermatrix
    Fractional Radio Frequency
  • Eximal Elite
    Eximal Light
  • Focushape
    High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
  • Omnislim
    Monopolar Radio Frequency
  • Renas II
    ER Glass Fractional Laser